Founded in 2010, ICON Real Estate Funds Ltd is one of the most lucrative funds for investments in real estate over the last few years in Finland. ICON currently manages three alternative investment funds: ICON Real I, ICON Real Estate Fund II and ICON Real Estate Fund III – Suurpelto. The first and second of these have paid their investors annual profit of approximately 6–7%, whereas the third fund has only recently been established. In addition, we are in the process of founding a new fund called ICON Real Estate Development Special Investment Fund.

The funds we manage are valued at approximately MEUR 23 (GAV) and our projects are valued at over MEUR 100. Our funds have attracted hundreds of investors, and foundations and institutions have also discovered our funds. Our offices are located in Vaasa and Helsinki.

What about the future, where are we heading? You can read about our plans here.


ICON first saw the light of day when a real estate developer and an investment expert put their heads together in 2009. The two knew that fast urbanisation in the Helsinki region was increasing the demand for comfortable, pleasing real estate. Still the actual demand for such real estate funds took them by surprise. Very quickly the number of investors broke the hundred person limit and the projects reached two digits. The next funds were established in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In 2014, the ICON organisation became considerably stronger when the then board member and founding member of Vacon Plc, Jari Koskinen, was elected the chairman of the ICON board and he became an important ICON shareholder.


In accordance with our investment strategy, the majority of our properties are development projects and the remainder are cash flow projects. The reason we focus on development projects is that real estate prices have not risen since 2011. That is why we raise the value of our properties ourselves by refining and developing them actively.

Our real estate projects are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in growth centres, such as Tampere, Jyväskylä and Vaasa. The excellent service standards of growth centres attract new residents to the cities, which in turn creates demand for new, high-quality real estate.


We think it is very important to manage real estate investment projects efficiently. In our management practices, we take advantage of the method well-known from industrial companies which involves all the partners participating in a project to gather around one table and discuss its practicalities. This way everybody knows the shared target and the project proceeds smoothly. At the same time, we avoid possible misunderstandings later.


ICON Real Estate Funds Ltd is a flexible partner for all your real estate investments. Together with our institutional and foundation clients we tailor an appropriate investment in real estate for the organisation in question.

With ICON, you can invest in a ready-made, well allocated alternative investment fund created by us. We are also happy to discuss various real estate-related non-cash issue capital contributions and financing arrangements (e.g. promissory notes), which may be linked to development projects or traditional rental revenue properties. Through us you can also invest directly in a new rented apartment property.