Coastline: ICON Real Estate Funds builds and develops real estate that generates return


Urbanisation is one of the largest megatrends in the world, and it is also the trend which ICON Real Estate Funds has chosen to jump on. The company builds and develops energy efficient real estate in growth centres, and simultaneously it contributes to solving the housing shortage that emerges when people are moving into cities. The fund has one of the best returns in its line of business in Finland. 

“In contrast to other real estate funds, we build and develop our real estate ourselves, and can therefore make smart decisions which bring added value to the investors,” says Markus Havulehto, CEO.

In practice the process works in the following way: first, the best objects on the market are chosen, i.e. the ones with the highest potential returns. It can be newly constructed property or old office buildings, which are converted into private homes. After that the private and institutional investors willing to invest in the project are brought together.  ICON’s own team also invests its own capital in all projects.

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