Hedge Nordic: The Finnish real estate market – by ICON

Why is Finland one of the most attractive markets for real estate investors?

The Finnish real estate market is booming once again. In 2016 and 2017, for the rst me in almost a decade, the produc on of new units topped the demand in the Finnish capital’s metropolitan region. Although Helsinki and its surrounding region represent the biggest real estate market in Finland, there are a hand full of other municipali es and ci es where a few larger scale projects are kicking o , and are thus showing great poten al for returns. These projects are typically located along the major highways and long-distance rail network but also close to the regional train routes.

One great example of this is the city of Tampere with its Kansi Arena project and the adjoined projects worth €500 million. This is only the rst phase of a re-development project that spans over the whole rail yard in the center of Tampere, a city of around 230.000 inhabitants. An even bigger project is now ongoing in Helsinki’s Pasila district. The re-development of the Pasila railway sta on is part of a large project named TRIPLA, which also includes a hotel, a shopping centre and residen al units. On the south side of TRIPLA lies the Helsinki High Rise project, as part of the re-development of the area.

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